NERC – the Natural Environment Research Council – is the leading funder of independent research, training and innovation in environmental science in the UK .

This blog is a platform for individuals to share examples of engaging the public with environmental science and to showcase the benefits to business of engaging with environmental science. If you are interested in submitting content for this blog, please get in touch with us at: engagement@nerc.ukri.org

Public Engagement

As the UK’s largest funder of independent environmental science, we have a responsibility to share the science we fund with society. Beyond communication, we want to meaningfully engage and involve people with current environmental science which has relevance to all of our daily lives, and maximise the impact of the research we fund. By listening to, engaging and involving the public, we aim to fund the best environmental science relevant to society, to enable informed, evidence-based decisions to be made by all.

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Business Engagement

The economy and the environment – indispensable, invaluable, inseparable. Whether providing materials, producing energy or disposing of waste, natural resources deliver a multitude of benefits shared by every business and every consumer across the country. Our science delivers positive economic benefits to a wide range of business sectors by providing science-based solutions, enabling smarter regulation, and reducing operational costs.

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